Online Tuition Classes

Advantages of Online Tuition Classes

Today technology is becoming more important in our schools and educational sector. Online tuition class is popular nowadays. Today students don’t want to carry books, spend hours at a private tutor’s home.  With online tuition, students can easily learn from home without going to the teacher’s home. Online education helps students to gain knowledge without any hassle. In this digitalization, online tuition classes are most helpful and it becomes a new trend.

Nowadays, online tuition classes have become a more realistic and emerging trend. Every private tutor wants to start their private tuition online. Tutor and student connect online. During this pandemic situation, most of the parents don’t want to send their kids to the tutor’s home. Online tuition classes strengthen student’s confidence because they can easily contact their teachers, they don’t have to wait for the next day. It fulfills every child and parent’s needs.

Technology and Online Tuition Classes

Over the past decade, there has been a drastic change in online education. By using the computer, internet, and software, students will become smarter and know about many technologies which help them later.

Most people consider this online education is same as traditional learning. They think that students who opt for online education are lazy & they could not get proper lessons. These all are stereotypes about online education.

Online tuition classes have developed fast in the last couple of years. The number of students is larger than the offline class size as well as the volume of student interactions. Online tuition provides several benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Online tuition classes help teachers and students both to save time. Teachers do not need to go anywhere and for students this same thing is applicable. And they both can reduce their transportation cost. Students can take the classes of their own will at the desired time.
  2. A tutor can find a large student base. They can easily connect with students in any corner of the world. Many times, Tutors could not reach their potential students physically so that, this app helps them to find students online.
  3. They can track the status of received fees from parents. Students can easily pay online. This is completely contactless.
  4. It enables students to test their understanding and get instant feedback. When students give exams based on their answers teachers give them marks. They can see their results online.
  5. Online tuition classes make learning fun and interactive. Students get more attention from teachers. This makes learning more effective as compared to when students get their lessons in a group. Teachers & students can upload unlimited documents. Continuous assessments are offered by the tutors to understand their student’s knowledge better. The teacher can create an online homework system shared with the students.
  6. Teachers & students can interact regularly via Google meet. Teachers don’t need to create any links because the link will be automatically generated. Students get benefitted from this regular contact with teachers.
  7. Technology can improve learning. The AI-powered exam system help teacher analyze the student depth of knowledge and retention level. Students can give continuous exams based on their knowledge.
  8. No risks of spreading any virus or such illness. During this pandemic, everyone wants to be safe. For that, Online tuition classes are the best option for both teachers and students both. Teachers can easily give their lessons to the students.
  9. The teacher can create a video library and upload videos through youtube private/public channels and publish the video through the app. Students can see those videos at any time. If they have any doubt they can easily contact teachers.
  10. The teacher can conduct multiple choice and subjective exams. So, students can make that proper knowledge about that topic.
  11. Parents are always loving this online tuition class concept. Because most of the parents are working and they could not give time to their children. And private teachers have some commitments so they have many schedules in a day. These online classes help every student who can contact their private teachers at any time.
  12. Online tuition classes allow students to take ownership of their learning. There are apps even for mock test practice.
  13. Teachers can send messages to students and their parents.
  14. Private teachers can build student’s confidence in a subject. The more confident a child feels with their homework, the more they can develop and progress their skills and knowledge.
  15. There are fewer distractions if a child takes online tuition classes without any noise, which can often impact on child’s concentration and performance.
  16. Teachers have the opportunity to focus on a particular subject with which a student may be struggling with. During the batch, if any student could not understand anything then he/she can contact the teacher for help.
  17. A tutor can offer academic support if a student misses any classes for illness or any other serious reasons. So, they upload all the notes that will helpful for students. And if they could not understand anything they can easily ask their teachers.
  18. This fluency between student and teacher communication helps the teacher to make them efficient for this profession. They can easily understand their student’s depth of knowledge.
  19. If a child is shy, then he/she may not ask questions in front of other students. So that, online tuition classes are really helpful for them because they can easily ask questions and get answers.
  20. Students can easily get feedback from teachers. Teachers can give each and everyone proper feedback about how they are performing, what are their strengths & weaknesses, what path is right for them etc.
  21. ¬†Nowadays, teachers & students both are conscious about environmental issues like less use of papers to save the trees. So, online tuition classes are a digital medium that doesn’t need any paper for writing notes. Because teachers upload their notes on the app.

Final Thoughts

Online tuition class is not for everyone, all the advantages mentioned above make it worth a try. If you study from your home with comfort then online education is your go-to option. It is as effective as face-to-face learning. It builds student’s confidence. It helps the student not only for the exam but also gets in-depth knowledge. It expands teacher’s networks in a wide area. Overall it gives a positive impact on the education sector. This online education is the only way to educate children during this pandemic situation. It keeps education in a running way otherwise our education system will collapse. These online tuition classes cut off the charges of transportation. In this situation, everyone needs these online tuition classes for safety.